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Ah, Zakopane! The beautiful city located in valley surrounded by the mountains - Tatras - by many called the "winter capital of Poland". It's all because of the numbers of winter resorts in the area which offer the facilities and tracks for plenty of winter activities like: skiing, snowmobiles riding, sleigh ride, cross-country skiing, ski touring, ice skating. And all of these in stunning mountain scenery. But that's not everything what Zakopane has to offer.

First of all Zakopane and its surroundings are considered as one of the most beautiful places in Poland! The nature is here marvelous like nowhere else - not only when saying about picturesque mountains and hilltops, but also when considering numbers of wonderful lakes, hiking trials which go through mysterious forests and gives you opportunity to see many breathtaking landscapes and collect lots of unforgettable memories. Like for example the trail of the Valley of Five Lakes - a hiking trail for an whole-day-trip across the greatest treasures of Tatra mountains - stunning lakes, and the biggest of them the Morskie Oko. Better be prepared for incredible experiences, because huge amount of unbelievable views may shock and make you ask yourself - "Why didn't I come here before?"!

Secondly Zakopane is not only about the beauty of nature. There are also many other exciting things to know about! Between moinstains you can learn about an interesting culture of Zakopane native inhabitants "górale" - their unusual habits, beautiful clothes and delicious food. When you will be in the city, the local traditional sheep's milk cheese called "oscypek" is just must-to-try.

And for people who doesn't like to hike through the mountains or meet the native culture there are other wonderful attractions! That's because in the Zakopane surroundings (exactly in the Szymoszkowa) there are swimming pools that make use of geothermal sources of water! Doesn't it sound great? And to such incredible and stunning places you can get with help of our professional and comfortable bus transport! So book it now and have a great holidays!


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