AuschwiTz birkenau

German Nazi concentration and extermination camp built in 1940. in Auschwitz and nearby towns. The camp initially designed to settle political prisoners and opposition, mainly Poles. It was then gradually expanded into mainly a place of mass extermination of a million Jews from across Europe, as well as many Poles, Roma, Soviet prisoners of war and victims of other nationalities.

Private or shared transport? Choose the one for you:

Private tours

We organize for you a private tour to Auschwitz. Our driver will pick you up from the place designated by you, hotel, apartment at the appointed time.Suggested departure time is between 7:00 am and 7:30 am. The car and driver will be at your disposal. The journey from Krakow to Auschwitz takes a little over 1 hour 20 min. For proper familiarize yourself with the place, which has become a symbol of the Holocaust, it is necessary to visit both parts of the camp - both Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau. To stay in both camps should be given to about 3 hours. It is possible to join a group of English-speaking guides.

Private tour/transfer Persons
2 3 4 to 6 7 to 8 more
All prices presented in the table above are in Euro/Zloty per person. Admission fees are not included in the price.
Auschwitz Birkenau 67/270 55/220 42/165 35/140 contact
Auschwitz Birkenau (Shared tour) 50/200 50/200 50/200 50/200 contact
Auschwitz & Salt Mine (trip In one Day) 125/500 88/350 75/300 50/200 contact
Auschwitz & Wadowice 125/500 100/400 75/300 62/250 contact
Salt Mine 62/250 50/200 40/160 28/110 contact

Price includes

  • Meeting at appointed place
  • Transport to and from
  • Door to door service
  • Total cost of transport, fuel, parking cost, insurance
  • Private car just for yourselves (air conditioning)
  • High quality, friendly and helpful English-speaking drivers

Auschwitz Shared Group tour

We also organizing a small shared tours. You will share vehicle with
other people (max. 8 person). This is the cheapest way to visit the
museum in Auschwitz and Birkenau. Our English speaking driver will
pick you up from the Hotel or apartament between 7:30 to 9:45am. The
whole trip takes about 6 hours (journey from Krakow - English guided
tour Auschwitz - Birkenau - return to Krakow).

Please remember, that max. size handbags brought into to Auschwitz
and Birkeanu camps can`t be bigger than size 30x20x10cm

Private tour/transfer Persons
1 to 8 more
All prices presented in the table above are in Euro/Zloty per person. Price includes guided tour and all fees.
Auschwitz Birkenau - Shared 50/200 contact

Price includes

  • Guided tour in Auschwitz-Birkenau
  • Price included services of the Museum local guide, rental cost of headphones
  • Admission fee
  • Transportation between both camps
  • English speaking guide licensed by museum
  • Pick up at a location of your choice
  • Comfortable A/C minivan
  • Convenient and safe travel
  • Tour transport to and from door to door service
  • All transport costs (fuel, parking fees, etc.)
  • Highly qualified, friendly and helpful english-speaking drivers
  • Third party liability insurance


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When visiting krakow you should definitely visit its precious surrounding with Auschwitz birkenau nazi camp and salt mine wieliczka above all

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